Tilt control for performance regulation


All QDT Heatpipe Exchangers must be installed without or at a certain angle α (alpha), depending on their internal capacity. In this manner, the force of gravity is also utilized to effect the return of the condensed heat transfer medium to the lower half, the warm face of heat pipe.

By altering the angle of tilt, this effect is also used for performance control of the heat pipes and thus the whole heat pipe exchanger.

It is therefore possible, for instance, to switch the operation of the unit from heating to cooling, or to maintaining a constant exhaust temperature. The angle of tilt can be adjusted either manually or mechanically with the help of a suitable adjusting drive.

A fully automatic tilting mechanism can be utilized to maintain optimum capacity heating / cooling (cooling operation = heating to the other face) operation.

The moving heat pipe exchanger is flexibly connected with the rigid ducting.