Although the heat pipe was developed in the thirties, no industrial applications were found for it until 1963, when Dr. George M. Grover, a physicist at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratories, took up the idea again and pointed out its application to travel.

This type of heat pipe, also referred to as a high performance heat pipe, was able to transfer considerable volumes of heat from a hot to a cold zone, simply and rapidly, without external power and even in a weightless condition.

At the same time, Dr. George Grover was granted patents for versions which would also operate economically on the earth´s surface, for example using gravitational force.


Dr. George M. Grover, J. Nearburg and P. W. Gifford have established Q-dot Corporation in Dallas, Texas / USA.


Geraetebau Eberspaecher KG, Esslingen, a member of the J. Eberspaecher group of companies, has got the distributions rights for Germany, Austria, Spain and since 1987 for Switzerland.


QDT Limited Dallas, Texas / USA had taken over the license for manufacturing and had continued the worldwide distribution.


EngA Engineered Air Calgary, Alberta / Canada had taken over QDT Limited in August 1994 and has moved production and distribution to Calgary.
Since then, over 25.000 Q-dot / QDT Heatpipe Exchanger was sold successful in recovering of energy in the range of temperature till 700°C.


QDT- Waermerohrtauscher Beratungs- und Vertriebs GmbH, Kirchheim unter Teck has taken over the distribution and continue it Europeanwide. Since then, over 12.000 Q-dot / QDT Heatpipe Exchangers was sold successful.