Installation possibilities

Unit position: vertical

Taking the necessary minimum angle α (alpha) of tilt or not into due account, the QDT Heatpipe Exchanger can be installed upright or slanted vertical for horizontal airflows, horizontal for vertical airflows or for vertical heat pipes (warm face must be located at the bottom) with horizontal above the other airflows.

Unit position: horizontal

The minimum angle α (alpha) of tilt or not is determined by us in connection with the greatest possible thermal load of the relevant airflows and the intended QDT Heatpipe Exchanger, and is a component of our installation guidelines.

Two or more QDT Heatpipe Exchangers are connected in parallel for large air volumes.

Unit position: heatpipes vertical

The installation into air handling chambers, is in consideration of spaces for maintenance, generally possible.

In the case of higher outputs or for maintenance reasons several QDT Heatpipe Exchangers are often connected in series, sometimes with intermediate maintenance zones.